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Montag, 18. November 2013

Autumn Goodbye

Hello Dears,

I don't know why, but somehow writing in English is much easier to me than it is in German. It is probably because I have been studying in English for three years now...Therefore I decided to write an entire post in English and see how it  goes.
Days are getting shorter and winds are getting colder. Feels like autumn days will soon be over... So I enjoyed the beautiful weather today, went for a long stroll and captured some of the last leaves on the trees and fall colours you can find outside. But somehow this year the change of season feels alright to me. We actually had a golden fall with many warm sunny days and I feel prepared for snow and ice. I am looking forward to christmas time, cookies and hot wine and candlelight :) How about you? Happy that Christmas is just around the corner? Here you have my shots from today.

All the best,



  1. mir geht es genau gleich, ich schreibe meinen Blog auch auf Englisch, irgendwie fällt mir das leichter. und als netter Nebeneffekt kann dein Blog von mehr Leuten gelesen werden :) vielleicht magst du ja mal bei mir vorbeischauen...

  2. Sehr schöne Fotos :)

  3. wollte noch kurz sagen, dass ich dich für den Best Blog Award getagged habe :) wäre cool, wenn du mitmachen würdest: janinkanin: best blog award

  4. toller post, gefällt mir sehr gut <3